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Welcome and thanks for visiting! Let's introduce myself. I have more than 12 years of experience in different IT positions. I have been System Administrator, Technical Account Manager, DBA, Consultant, Support Manager, Support Engineer, System Operator, Technical Trainer for really different customers like banks, governments, startups, marketing companies and so on. I worked in very different projects using hundreds of services and technologies. For that reason, one day I decided to concentrate my efforts on one single field and that is why nowadays I work as Senior Technical Engineer at Percona, in a position mix of Support, RemoteDBA and Consultancy. I could say that I did it! Databases are my main field nowadays.

I live in La Rioja (Spain) but I work remotely sharing the working space with my cat, that usually loves to walk over the keyboard and write messages to customers and colleagues. Some of them actually suspect that it is my cat the one who solves the problems. That is a secret only my close friends know.

Enough talking about work! What I do in my free time? When I have some vacation days I buy a flight ticket to some far away country to dive in the ocean. Following sharks, manta rays and whales around the world is my way to escape from the day to day routine. Electronic music festivals (I'm looking at you Tomorrowland), Trance music, Videogames, American TV Series and Sports are other ways I have to spend time. If I can mix them with beer, even better.

Well, enjoy the web, read my blog posts and contact me if you will. Have a nice day.

Birthdate 12/1982
Skype miguelangelnieto.net
Email correo@miguelangelnieto.net
Website www.miguelangelnieto.net
Address La Rioja, Spain

  • Database Administrator
  • System Administrator
  • Scuba Diver


  • 01
    Senior Technical Services Engineer

    Percona LLC

    Investigation and resolution of Support/RemoteDBA/Routine Consulting issues. MySQL, MySQL Cluster (NDB), MariaDB, Amazon's RDS, Percona XtraBackup, Percona Toolkit, Percona Server, Percona XtraDB Cluster, MongoDB.


  • 02
    Technical Consultant - Technical Account Manager


    Handling and designing the biggest and more complex consulting projects for Arsys' customers. Windows 2008, GNU/Linux, HA, Load Balancing, Clustering, Cloud Computing, MySQL and SQL Server databases, Apache, IIS, Plesk, Cpanel (WHM), Exchange 2010, Postfix, Veritas Backup, VMWare, XenApp...


  • 03
    System Administrator


    Specialized in SMTP, Web, virtualization, monitorization and security. Deployment and administration of Web, Email, Network, Monitoring, Security, Virtualization services to different customers followed by the subsequent support service. Administration of the shared hosting service of Irontec. Training and consultancy about free software technologies.


  • 04
    System Operator


    Technical support, hardware maintenance, installation and configuration of software on Windows (office and design software) and Linux (e-mail, security and database services). Network control and security with intrusion detector solutions.



  • 01
    Data Analysis

    Udacity DAND


  • 02
    MongoDB DBA



  • 03
    MySQL 5.6 DBA



  • 04
    Citrix XenApp 6



  • 05
    MySQL 5.0 Dev



  • 06
    MySQL Cluster 5.1



  • 07
    Oracle 11g

    Administrator Certified Associate


  • 08
    MySQL 5.0 DBA



  • 09



  • 10



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